by Funeral Sutra

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All lyrics and music by Funeral Sutra.

Recorded and engineered by Hajime Yamamoto (April / October 2013).

These meditations are based on:
The writings of Dogen,
Deshimaru Taisen,
Suzuki Shunryu,
Brad Warner and
The teachings of Wayne Codling.

All Rights Reserved. © & ℗ 2014 Funeral Sutra.


released April 26, 2014

Dedicated to Yasu, godspeed and never forgotten....



all rights reserved


Funeral Sutra 東京都, Japan

Heavily inspired by the nihilistic purity and sonic intensity
of black metal, Funeral Sutra was formed in late 2011 in Tokyo, Japan. Concept was to form a project which sought to both honor and transcend their black metal and hardcore influences.

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Track Name: Emptiness Sutra
Emptiness Sutra

All that is will someday not be, in emptiness there is form. Therein lies nothing, a skin bag of blood and shit.
The greatest works of man come to nothing, monuments to delusion, monuments to shit.
Sticks bound together on a bent spine. The greatest works of your life, dreams. All is eternal, all is dust, and all of this never really was.
Track Name: Hope Sutra
Hope Sutra

Suffer, and hope today, the pain will go away. Desire will come undone, not two and not one.
Track Name: Time Sutra
Time Sutra

There is no time, tomorrow never comes.
In dreams we spend our lives, withering, waiting for a day that never comes.
The flowers that we love will fade and die, while thorns will grow and thrive. Attach yourselves to nothing.

The sadness of a moment lost, to never come again. So take this time in hand, this love, this vomit, and never let go.
Track Name: Death Sutra
Death Sutra

A drop of water, the ocean; a speck of dust, the earth. Winds pick up in all corners, the silent void a breath away.
Illusions turn to ash as mind and body drop away. Into the coffin falls the fevered self, your painted meat left to rot. No more to suffer in delusion, the mirror is gone, the moon is bright.